National Study – Active Duty Enlisted Miltiary

National Study – Active Duty Enlisted Miltiary and Galloway Research are looking for Active Duty Enlisted Military Personnel who are interested in participating in upcoming telephone surveys.

We have two upcoming studies taking place across the US over the telephone.

  • The first study will take place in June & July with all branches of the military eligible to participate. Interviews over the telephone will last about 1 hour and respondents will receive $125 for their opinions. ¬†Participants will be asked for their opinions on equipment durability used in the military.
  • The second study is ongoing through July as well with Active Duty military from the Air Force, Marines, Army and Navy eligible to participate. ¬†Interviews will be about 10 minutes over the phone and participants will receive $15 for their participation. ¬†Participants will be asked about their views and opinions of certain financial products offered to members of the military and their families.

If you are interested in participating in either of there studies, sign up for our military opinion panel by clicking the Sign Up button below.